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Level 4 – Family and Environment Elements

Family functioning and well-being

  • Significant parental/carer discord and persistent domestic violence
  • Family characterised by conflict and serious chronic relationship difficulties
  • History of rejection
  • Poor relationships between siblings and wider family
  • No effective support from extended family
  • Destructive/unhelpful involvement from extended family
  • Child/young person has been identified as a child/young person in need, but parents/carers have refused support
  • Family involved in criminal activity; parent or sibling has received custodial sentence
  • Individual posing a risk to children in, or known to household
  • Unsafe home environment
  • Family home used for drug taking, prostitution, illegal activities
  • Family have physical or mental health needs that impact on parenting capacity
  • Parent /care has learning needs that impact on parenting capacity

Housing, work and income

  • Homeless – or imminent
  • Housing dangerous or seriously threatening to health
  • Physical accommodation places child in danger
  • Chronic unemployment that has severely affected parents’ own identities
  • Family unable to gain employment due to significant lack of basic skills or long-term substance misuse
  • Extreme poverty/debt impacting on ability to care for child
  • No expectation that young person will work

Social and community including education

  • Family chronically socially excluded
  • No supportive network
  • Community are hostile to family
  • Child frequently goes missing and fails to account for their locations or discloses situations indicating risk of CE
  • Child trafficked to UK for sexual exploitation
  • Currently being discriminated and or on going and increasing incidents of discrimination