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Level 3 – Parent and Carers

Basic care, safety and protection

  • Parent/carer is struggling to provide adequate care
  • Parents have found it difficult to care for previous child/young person
  • Inappropriate care arrangements
  • Instability and domestic violence in the home
  • Parent’s mental health problems or substance misuse significantly affect care of child/young person
  • Non-compliance of parents/carers with services
  • Practitioners have serious concerns
  • Experiencing unsafe situations
  • Child/young person caring for siblings/parent
  • Child/young person perceived to be a problem by parents
  • Child/young person may be subject to neglect
  • Child/young person previously looked after by LA

Emotional warmth and stability

  • Child receives erratic or inconsistent care
  • Child has episodes of poor quality care
  • Parental/carer instability/emotional needs affects capacity to nurture
  • Some relationship difficulties
  • Child has no other positive relationships
  • Child has multiple carers; may have no significant relationship to any of them
  • Child has been ‘Looked After’ by the LA

Guidance, boundaries and stimulation

  • Erratic or inadequate guidance provided
  • Parents struggle/refuse to set effective boundaries e.g. too loose/tight/physical chastisement
  • Child/young person behaves in anti-social way in the neighbourhood
  • Parent/carer does not offer a good role model, e.g. by behaving in an anti-social way
  • Child not receiving positive stimulation, with lack of new experiences or activities
  • Child/young person under undue parental pressure to achieve/aspire
  • Exposure to online forums increasing risk of online harm.