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Level 2 – Family and Environment Elements

Family functioning and well-being

  • Parents/carers have some conflicts or difficulties that can involve the child/young person
  • A child or young person has experienced loss of significant adult, e.g. through bereavement or separation
  • Parent/carer has physical/mental health difficulties
  • A child/young person is taking on a caring role in relation to their parent/carer, or is looking after younger siblings
  • Privately fostered
  • Adopted
  • Limited friends and family support
  • Child looked after by many different adults
  • Parent / carer has learning needs
  • Physical or mental health needs

Housing, work and income

  • Poor housing
  •  Some problems over basic facilities
  • Family seeking asylum or refugees
  • Periods of unemployment of parent/carer
  • Parents/carers have limited formal education
  • Low income
  • Financial/debt problems

Social and community including education

  • Family new to the area or with limited contact with community members
  • Some social exclusion or conflict experiences; low tolerance
  •  Community characterised by negativity towards children/young people
  • Difficulty accessing community facilities
  • Child has a negative sense of self and abilities and suffers with low self-esteem making them vulnerable to peers and adults who pay them attention and/or show them affection but do so in order to exploit them (CE).
  • Some concerns of possible discrimination