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Level 3 – Family and Environment Elements

Family functioning and well-being

  • Incidents of domestic abuse between parents/carers
  • Acrimonious divorce/separation
  • Family has serious physical and mental health difficulties
  • Family has poor relationship with extended family or little communication
  • Family is socially isolated
  • Parent / carer has learning needs
  • Physical or mental health needs which impact on parenting capacity.

Housing, work and income

  • Poor state of repair, temporary or overcrowded, or unsafe
  • Living in interim accommodation
  • Experiencing frequent moves
  • Intentionally homeless
  • Parents/carers experience stress due to unemployment or ‘overworking’; may be impacting on other aspects of family life e.g. marital relationship
  • Parents/carers find it difficult to obtain employment due to poor basic skills
  • Serious debts/poverty impact on ability to have basic needs met
  • Low income plus adverse additional factors e.g. up to borrowing limit of Social Care Fund
  • Rent arrears put family at risk of eviction or proceedings initiated

Social and community including education

  • Parents/carers socially excluded/isolated
  • Lack of a support network
  • Low community support for families
  • Acrimonious relationships within community
  • Poor quality access to universal and targeted services
  • Concerns expressed by others
  • Child’s negative sense of self/low self-esteem contributes to their involvement with peers and/or adults thought to be treating them badly and/or encouraging their involvement in self-harm and/or criminal behaviour.
  • Child regularly goes missing and family do not know where Child is.
  • Incidents and or increase of discrimination