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About the BSCP

The Buckinghamshire Safeguarding Children’s Partnership (BSCP) replaced the Local Safeguarding Children’s Board in 2019.

The new arrangements place the joint responsibility for safeguarding children and young people on Buckinghamshire Council, Thames Valley Police and the Clinical Commissioning Group.

The move from the board to the Partnership coincided with a review of the Buckinghamshire Safeguarding Adults’ Board (BSAB) and this provided an opportunity to review the chairmanship of the two, and their respective business units.

As a result, a decision was made to appoint a single Independent Chairperson for both the BSCP and the BSAB, and to merge the two once separate business units together.

Therefore the joint business unit is now managed by one Safeguarding Partnership Manager, supported by a staff team who facilitate the work the multi agencies deliver to children, young people and their families throughout Buckinghamshire.

Please click on the below icon to view the BSCP’s Published Arrangements.

BSCP Published arrangements icon

Locally this will mean that we have made changes to the way the partnership is structured. This includes introducing a new Executive Group, having fewer but more inclusive sub groups and introducing short term, outcome focused working groups where needed.

This will provide an effective safeguarding model with an efficient use of partners’ knowledge, skills and time.

To stay connected, we planned two safeguarding partnerships events per year.

These events ensure all partner agencies are kept up to date and offer opportunities for reflection , networking and to give us your views on the progress the safeguarding partnership is making against its key priorities.

BSCP will continue to work to the vision and values set out below:-

Our Vision

“A strong and shared safeguarding culture across partners ensures every child and young person in Buckinghamshire grows up safe from maltreatment, neglect and harm. Children and their parents receive the right help and support when they need it, leading to better outcomes for children and young people.”

Our Values

  • We will be honest and clear about the difference we are making for children and young people
  • We will respectfully challenge each other to ensure we are making a difference
  • We will all take responsibility for helping each other to improve outcomes for children and young people
  • We will value difference to help us to improve
  • We will look to hold to account rather than to blame
  • Everything we do will benefit children and young people in Buckinghamshire
  • We will be courageous
  • We are all in it together – as a Board we accept collective responsibility for our performance

Below is a link to the revised Terms of Reference for the Buckinghamshire Safeguarding Children Partnership.

Terms of Reference – Partnership                              Independent Chair: Walter McCulloch

Safeguarding Video

The below video was commissioned by the Buckinghamshire Safeguarding Children Board and the Buckinghamshire Safeguarding Adults Board as a joint venture. If other organisations wish to use this video please ensure that your website acknowledges this.

Change to contact number for safeguarding children – the 0845 4600001 number quoted in the video below has now changed to 01296 383962.