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Welcome to the Buckinghamshire Safeguarding Adults Board

Information for Professionals

We are able to provide a platform for subjects that you may think would be informative and help others in their roles and we will have more ability to place information on our site on a more short term basis if it is relevant to any particular event/s taking place at that time.

Within the various pages you will hopefully find the information or guidance that you are seeking that will be informative and either answer your questions or point you in a direction where you can locate the information you want.

See below for some key topics, but for more resources for Professionals click here. Resources for Professionals, 

The Buckinghamshire Safeguarding Children’s Partnership have the Continuum of Need (incorporating threshold guidance) on the BSCP website. This guidance replaces the previous Threshold document and can be accessed via the following link :-



Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conferences (MARAC) enable organisations such as the police, probation, the county council, prison services, housing and health services work together to provide a coordinated and effective safety plan for those individuals at the highest risk of domestic abuse or staff working with individuals who are being abused.


Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA) require the police, probation and prison services to protect the public from violent and sexual offenders, by working together. It also requires other public organisations such as the local authority, hospitals, district councils and health trusts to cooperate with the police, probation and prison services and contribute to providing safety to the public. It has been in existence in England and Wales since 2001. Find some tools for reducing Domestic abuse at this website. Domestic Abuse Resource for Professionals.

No Excuse for Domestic Abuse in Buckinghamshire – Adult safeguarding and domestic abuse

For more information on BSAB please call 01296 382178 or E-mail

Buckinghamshire Safeguarding Adults Board recognises that working with people who self neglect either themselves and/or their environment can be challenging. The Board developed an Self Neglect Tool Kit in 2016 and this has recently been updated following two further Safeguarding Adult Reviews that the Board undertook in 2017/18.

Self Neglect Policy

There is an overarching Policy document on Self Neglect which explains how to recognise abuse and how to work with people who are at risk of/or experiencing BSAB Self Neglect and Hoarding Policy abuse.

Alongside the policy we have developed and borrowed a range of tools that you can use to assist you in working in this area. These tools are designed to be used as one off tools but you can mix and match them as appropriate.

Self Neglect Tools

1) One Page Profile – a tool to help you work with someone to identify their priorities.

2) Clutter Scales – These are a range of pictures which will help you to identify with the person the level of neglect of the environment and use this when talking to other agencies.

3) Practitioners checklist for establishing if a concern meets the criteria of Self Neglect? A checklist for people working with people at risk of/or self neglecting to see if their situation meets the criteria for Safeguarding.

4) Buckinghamshire Safeguarding Adults Board Comprehensive Self Neglect Assessment . An assessment tool which you can use to help you to work with someone who is self neglecting or at risk of self neglect.

5) Buckinghamshire Safeguarding Adults Board Hoarding Guidance for Practitioners . Some guidance for those people working with people who hoard.

6) Seven Step Guide – a tool to give an overview of Self-Neglect.

7) – We have produced a leaflet which you can share with families and friends of people who are at risk of/are self neglecting.

The Board has also produced a free E Learning training package on Self Neglect which is accessible on our Training page.

Please be aware that the tool are constantly under review and for any advice on working with people who self neglect please contact the Safeguarding Adults Team on 0800 137 915.

Please note the BSAB is not currently taking new referrals for the Complex Case Panel with immediate effect. This process is currently on hold whilst revised arrangements are refreshed and updated. Interim arrangements should be shared via your own agencies. We would ask that you ensure that no vulnerable adult is left without appropriate help and support and Safeguarding Concerns should be submitted (if appropriate) in the usual way.

During the interim, please ensure you use all appropriate channels for support and use all opportunities to collaborate, convene multi-agency professionals’ meetings as required or escalate via your line manager.

Thank you for your continued support.

Buckinghamshire Safeguarding Adults Board has signed up to the Buckinghamshire Adult Exploitation Strategy, recognising that Adults are exploited in a variety of ways.

Wider Adult Exploitation includes:-

  • Radicalisation
  • Fraud and Scams
  • County Lines
  • Mate Crime/Cuckooing
  • Delayed reporting (e.g CSE)
Thames Valley Police: Partnership Agency Intelligence Sharing Submission Form


Modern Slavery leaflet - Buckinghamshire Council

Victims First Specialist Service (VFSS)

As of the 1st of April 2020, the Victims First Hub has replaced the previous victim services supported by the Police and Crime commissioner (PCC) for Thames Valley. Please use The Victim’s First Hub as the main point of referral’s for professional’s.

If you wish to refer, or signpost, adults for support, all referrals are to be made to the Victims First Hub rather than directly to a specific service, a need’s assessment can then determine if support via the Victims First Hub would be appropriate and, if not, which service to refer to, including the Victims First Emotional Support Service, Counselling, and other non-PCC funded services. This simplifies things for victims who have a single front door to all services, and it will help with the coordination of family support, which is a new requirement within the PCC’s services.

There is an online referral form which can be found at

Buckinghamshire Safeguarding Adults Board, recongises the importance the Mental Capacity within general practice but also within Safeguarding enquiries. The aim of this page is to provide information to people carrying out Safeguarding Enquiries about the best use of the Mental Capacity Act.

It is hoped the resources on this page will also be useful for people carrying out Mental Capacity Assessments in their day to day work

If you want to remain up to date with Mental Capacity information why not sign up to the Mental Capacity Forum which is free to join.

It is a requirement of the Care Act 2014 Statutory Guidance that Safeguarding Adults Boards should establish and agree a framework and process for any organisation to respond to allegations against anyone who works, (in either a paid or an unpaid capacity,) with adults with care and support needs.

As a response Buckinghamshire has produced BSAB PIPOT Protocol

This Protocol applies to all partner agencies of Buckinghamshire Safeguarding Adults Board (BSAB), and organisations commissioned to provide services by them, so they respond appropriately to allegations against people who, whether an employee, volunteer or student, paid or unpaid, works with or cares for adults with care and support needs. These individuals are known as People in a Position of Trust.

BSAB requires its partner agencies to be individually responsible for ensuring they adopt the principles of this Protocol and maintain clear organisational procedures for dealing with People in Positions of Trust concerns.

If you wish to make a referral regarding someone in a position of trust, please email the Local Safeguarding Adults Manager at

Thames Valley Police, have created a video to assist professionals to be mindful of those rare cases of where members of TVP abuse their positions by forming improper relationships. The video can be found here.