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BSCP Subgroups

Aims of BSCP Sub Groups

Below we outline the aims of each of the BSCP Subgroups.

Local Child Safeguarding Practice Review Sub Group

The Practice Review Sub Group is responsible for overseeing the Statutory Case Review and learning responsibilities of the Local Safeguarding Children Partnership.

It delivers the requirements of the Care Act 2014, the Children and Social Work Act 2017 and Chapter 4 of Working Together to Safeguard Children 2023 on behalf of the Buckinghamshire Safeguarding Children Partnership.

All Age Modern Slavery and Exploitation Sub Group

All Age Modern Slavery and Exploitation Sub Group is a multi-agency forum which aims to:

  1. Support the strategic development of an effective and coordinated multi-agency response, to all forms of Young girl crying in doorway exploitation (including actual or likely significant harm due to child sexual exploitation, criminal exploitation (‘county lines’), modern slavery, trafficking, radicalisation, and in respect of being a missing child/young person).
  2. Provide assurance around the way agencies are working individually and collectively on a quarterly basis, to safeguard and support children & young people at risk of exploitation.
  3. Oversee and monitor the delivery of any multi-agency action plans and recommendations designed to safeguard and protect children who are at risk of harm as a result of exploitation.
  4. Each agency commits to raising the awareness of child exploitation in and around their own boundaries.

Performance, Quality and Improvement Sub Group

The core function of the Performance, Quality and Improvement Sub-group is to assess the quality of the work we undertake to safeguard vulnerable children, and understanding the impact of this work in terms of its effectiveness in helping to keep children safe.

The Children’s Safeguarding Partnership and its constituent partner agencies have effective systems, structures, processes and practice in place to improve outcomes and experience in promoting the welfare of children across Buckinghamshire.

Our primary challenge of quality assurance is to improve the value of practice and safeguarding outcomes for children, young people and families.

The Quality & Performance sub-group is accountable to provide evidenced based assurance to the safeguarding partnership of regular and effective monitoring of the multi-agency front-line practices. We identify where improvement is required in the services that children and families receive, including the effectiveness of early help.

This report will include robust and constructive challenge to partners and escalate areas of risk where there are concerns about performance or the outcomes being achieved for children and families.

To facilitate this, the Chair of this subgroup will meet quarterly with the Chairs of the other subgroups along with the Independent Chair and Business Manager of the BSCP.

Two children writing in a bookEducation & Learning Sub Group

The Education & Learning Sub Group is a multi-agency forum which aims to keep children and young people safe in Buckinghamshire pre-schools, schools, colleges and other education settings, and to raise standards by achieving excellence in line with the Buckinghamshire Safeguarding Children Partnership’s and Buckinghamshire Council’s Children’s Services goals.

Policy, Procedure and Practice Sub Group

The core function of the Policy, Procedure and Practice Sub-group is to ensure there are up to date multi-agency safeguarding policies and procedures for Buckinghamshire, which are easily accessible and well embedded across partner organisations.

As a subgroup we contribute to the development, maintenance, publication and embedment of an appropriate suite of multi-agency safeguarding policies, procedures and guidance documents. Embedding better links between agencies to assure that multi agency procedures are available to support staff in their work and advise the need for new policies, procedures and guidance documents.

We work within the Learning and Improvement Framework of the local safeguarding partnership, to inform and enhance front line practice.

We ensure that, where appropriate, the views of children, young people, parents and professionals inform the work of the Sub Group with due regard to issues relating to culture and diversity. Doing so allows us to learn together, share expertise and resources which aid to the improvement and effectiveness of policies and procedures that support staff and the public.

To facilitate this, the Chair of this subgroup will meet quarterly with the Chairs of the other subgroups along with the Independent Chair and Business Manager of the BSCP.

Learning and Development Sub Group

The Learning & Development Sub-Group is tasked to respond to multi-agency learning and development across Buckinghamshire. The sub-group’s primary function is to facilitate a more integrated approach to safeguarding learning and development to ensure all partner workforces are appropriately skilled to provide a good quality and safe service for adults at risk, children and their carers. 

In the process of updating the training programme.