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Level 2 – Parent and Carers

Basic care, safety and protection

  • Basic care is not provided consistently
  • Haphazard use of safety equipment e.g. fireguards
  • Parent/carer engagement with services is poor
  • Parent/carer requires advice on parenting issues
  • Some concerns around child’s physical needs being met
  • Young, inexperienced parents
  • Teenage pregnancy
  • Inappropriate childcare arrangements and/or too many carers
  • Some exposure to dangerous situations in the home or community
  • Unnecessary or frequent visits to doctor/casualty
  • Parent/carer stresses starting to affect ability to ensure child’s safety

Emotional warmth and stability

  • Inconsistent responses to child/young person by parent/carer
  • Parents struggling to have their own emotional needs met
  • Child/young person not able to develop other positive relationships
  • Child/young person’s key relationships with family members not kept up
  • Starting to show difficulties with attachments

Guidance, boundaries and stimulation

  • Parent/carer offers inconsistent boundaries
  • Lack of routine in the home
  • Child/young person spends considerable time alone, e.g. watching television
  • Child / young person is not often exposed to new experiences; has limited access to leisure activities
  • Child / young person can behave in an anti-social way in the neighbourhood, e.g. petty crime
  • Possible risk of online harm