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Level 1 – Family and Environment Elements

Family functioning and well-being

  • Good relationships within family, including when parents are separated
  • Sense of wider family, friends and community, networks
  • Parents/carers provide consistent positive role modelling
  • No physical or mental health needs or if present do not impact on the ability to parent

Housing work and income

  • Accommodation has basic amenities and appropriate facilities, and can meet family needs
  • Parents/carers able to manage the working or unemployment arrangements
  • Managing budget to meet individual needs

Social and community including education

  • Family feels part of the community
  • Good social and friendship networks exists
  • Community is generally supportive of families with children / young people
  • No concerns of exploitation or risk of online harm
  • Child’s positive sense of self and abilities reduces the risk that they will be targeted by peers or adults who wish to exploit them
  • No concerns of discrimination