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Level 1 – Development of the Baby or Child


  • Physically well
  • Nutritious diet
  • Adequate hygiene and dress
  • Developmental and health checks and immunisations up to date
  • Developmental milestones and motor skills appropriate
  • Good height/weight
  • Sexual activity appropriate for age
  • Good mental health
  • Not misusing substances or engaging in risk taking behaviours

Emotional development

  • Good quality early attachments
  • Able to adapt to change
  • Able to understand others’ feelings (appropriate to age and stage of development)
  • Quality of attachment with caregivers

Behavioural developments

  • Takes responsibility for own behaviour
  • Responds appropriately to boundaries and constructive guidance
  • Interacts appropriately

Identity and self esteem

  • Positive sense of self and abilities
  • Sense of belonging and acceptance by others
  • Confident in social situations
  • Can discriminate between safe and unsafe contacts

Family and social relationships

  • Stable and affectionate relationships with carers
  • Good relationships with siblings and peers
  • Developing independent and self care skills


  • Access to books and toys
  • Attends school/nursery
  • Acquires a wide range of skills and interests
  • Enjoys and participates in learning activities
  • Has experiences of success and achievement
  • Sound links between home and school
  • Planning for career and adult life