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Safer Bucks Plan

Category: General

On July 21st, the Safer Buckinghamshire Board approved its new 3 year Community Safety Plan called the Safer Buckinghamshire Plan. The 5 priorities in the plan are:

  • Helping communities to become more resilient. We will target support to those communities experiencing greater levels of crime and anti-social behaviour.
  • Protecting vulnerable adults and children. We will work with them to reduce their chances of experiencing or committing serious crime, especially violent crime, or being exploited.
  • Addressing the impact of drugs, alcohol and poor mental health. We will work to reduce levels of crime and harm linked to these factors.
  • Tackling domestic violence and abuse. We will focus on early intervention and improving services for victims.
  • Dealing with offending. We will act as early as possible to prevent first time offending. We will bring offenders to justice and work hard to stop re-offending.

The plan identifies a number of themes which cut across all 5 priorities, one of which is that, “traumatic experiences can have a long lasting effect on a person. They can increase the chances of them becoming a victim of crime or carrying out a crime. Experiencing domestic violence and abuse and negative childhood experiences are clearly linked to personal wellbeing in the future and also have implications for the wider community “.   For this reason, early intervention and prevention actions feature in all the delivery plans.  We’ve made the plan as easy a read as possible so we hope that you’ll have a look at it and will include updates in future newsletters.